• Why MBAFire?

    August 24, 2016

    First blog post on MBAFire and no topic is more fitting than answering why we started MBAFire, why we exist and what we intend to change.

    During our MBA at London Business School, Julia and I frequently interacted with MBA hopefuls, guiding them through the entire LBS application process. After graduating in 2015, we both realised how broken the MBA admission consulting business was – free advice that was generic at best, paid advice that was expensive, and above all advice that came from people who never went to business school.

    We believe the best people to speak to and learn from about a B-school program are the MBA grads who have actually gone through the program and who are uniquely positioned to provide the most authentic advice.

    With that in mind, we have created MBAFire to connect applicants to current or recent MBA grads. We want to bring the applicants closer to MBA grads at a price that is accessible to most and cut the middle men advisors out.

    We have made a conscious decision to focus on only the top tier B-schools as we believe that getting access to grads in these schools is the hardest for applicants.

    We are launching with a 1hr advice pack provided by MBA Grads from London Business School but this is just the beginning before we expand to even more exciting stuff ;-).

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